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Martin Luther King Light Rail & Bike Trail
The Edgewood Train Station

Among the many places and people in the path of the bus highway is the historic Edgewood Train Station, designed by Frank Furness. Here are two letters about the historical significance and status of the station.



Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Bureau for Historic Preservation

Commonwealth Keystone Building, 2nd Floor
400 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0093

April 4, 2002

Pat McArdle
221 Vine Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Re:   Edgewood Station, Pennsylvania Railroad Station,  Edgewood
Borough, Allegheny County, BHP Key #010700

Dear Mr. McArdle:

The Bureau has reviewed the photos we had requested to confirm the
National Register eligibility of the Edgewood Station (determined
eligible August 6, 1991). In our opinion, the property retains
integrity and meets the Criteria for listing in the National

The next step in the nomination process is the submission of a
completed National Register Form to the Bureau for Historic
Preservation. The National Register nomination Form and
instructions are enclosed. The enclosed Specific Evaluation
provides basic guidance which should be followed in preparing your
nomination. The research, writing and typing of the form are
responsibilities of the applicant. It is essential that the
information is accurate and includes all required material
discussed in the enclosed instructions. Because of the complexity
of research and writing, you may wish to hire a professional
consultant. (A list of consultants is available from the Bureau
for Historic Preservation on request.)

Once an acceptable National Register form has been submitted to
the Bureau, we will schedule the property for review by the
Historic Preservation Board, a committee of professionals and
citizens-at-large from across the Commonwealth. If approved, the
National Register form will be sent to the National Park Service
for approval and listing in the National Register.
Please note that the Bureau's Priorities for National Register
Processing may affect the order in which we review National
Register forms and schedule them for review by the Historic
Preservation Board. If you have any questions on the nomination
procedure or the completion of the National Register form, please
write or call the Bureau at (717) 783-8946.


Jean H. Cutler



One Station Square, Suite 4 50
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1134
412-471-5808 * FAX 412-471-1633  *
April 2, 2002
Patrick McArdle
221 Vine Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Dear Mr. McArdle:
Enclosed is an article I wrote about the Edgewood PA RR Station in 1996, as a
contribution to the effort (note the sentence stating that residents are preparing a
National Register nomination), and the most recent one just published in PHLF
My understanding is that Preston Thayer, in his 1993 University of PA PhD
dissertation "The Railroad Designs of Frank Furness: Architecture and
Corporate Imagery in the Late Nineteenth Century," determined that there was
no direct evidence that this building was a Furness design. However, the
building has been attributed to Furness since 1973-I enclose the page from Frank
Furness: The Complete Works
by George E. Thomas, Jeffery A Cohen, and Michael
J. Lewis (1991; rev. ed. 1996). That work states that Furness designed some 125
stations for the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company but it is not clear
from this source how many survive. Philadelphia Architecture: A Guide to the City
(Philadelphia: Foundation for Architecture, 1994) states that the Gravers Lane
Station (1883) in Chestnut Hill is the only one remaining.
My recommendation is that you contact Mr. Thayer and find out what he knows
about the Edgewood Station as well as the number of extant stations; if you
haven't yet talked with him. Professor Lewis may know his address; the
University of PA Alumni Office is another possibility. I'll check the web.
Let me know if you have any questions,

Albert M. Tannler
Historical Collections Director