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Martin Luther King Light Rail & Bike Trail
Talking Points

For your consideration:

Pittsburgh is the only city in the United States to build a dedicated highway just for buses.

Bus highways have only half the passenger capacity per hour of a light rail system. -LRTA

Studies have shown that the proximity of a child's residence to major roads is linked to hospital admissions for asthma, and there is a positive relationship between school proximity to freeways and asthma occurrence.   -American Lung Association

Diesel burning vehicles are among the prime sources of smog inducing pollution, which causes thousands of premature deaths and many more illnesses each year.  - ENS

Air Toxins. Diesel exhaust contains 41 chemicals that are toxic air contaminants. The health impacts of air toxins vary from pollutant to pollutant, but they are all serious, including cancer risk, immune system disorders, and reproductive problems. It is estimated that diesel causes 70 percent of all airborne cancer risk. -State of California

PAT has five CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses in their fleet. These will all be retired within the next year. PAT has no plans to replace any of their diesel buses with cleaner alternative vehicles. -PAT

LRT Increases Property Values - In Dallas anything adjacent to an LRT station has increased by 25% since the system was introduced. Portland had a similar experience by attracting over $1.3 billion in commercial, retail, and residential development around one of its light rail lines. -LRTA