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Martin Luther King Light Rail & Bike Trail

On this page we will provide links to information about our organization, related topics, or sources that simply provide entertainment.

Related Topics

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Diesel Exhaust and Air Pollution - American Lung Association

The Truth about Buses, Trucks and Noise Pollution

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Related Organizations

Light Rail Progress

- Union of Concerned Scientists

In the news.

2002-4-8 Committee wants help to stop busway - Tribune-Review

2002-4-5 Council urged to approve busway - Tribune Review

2002-3-28 Public Transit High On Roddey Wish List - WTAE

2002-3-27 U.S. Court Upholds Pollution Standards - Washington Post

2002-3-26 Edgewood: Hundreds oppose busway - Post-Gazette

2002-3-24 Busway extension project gaining speed - Tribune Review

2002-3-23 Port Authority may increase fares - Tribune Review

2002-3-19 The Cancer In the Air We Breathe - Washington Post

2002-3-16 Port Authority lawsuit dismissed - Tribune Review

2002-3-15 Transit options studied for east suburbs - Post-Gazette

2002-3-7 Reducing particulate pollution won't be easy - Post-Gazette

2002-2-11 The Mon/Fayette and the Southern Beltway - Boon or Boondoggle

2001-09-26 Port Authority to award pact for upgrading LRT in Library - Post Gazette

2001-8-8 Midweek Perspectives: A real bikeway around the city

2001-5-10 Audible called for North Shore transit plan

2000-7 Road Injustice by David Luberoff

1999-12 Divided We Sprawl - Atlantic Monthly

Let us know if there are any links we should add.