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Martin Luther King Light Rail & Bike Trail
PAT Watch

PAT and transit in the eastern corridor, what they've done, and what they're doing.

PAT Billboards

Take a look a some of the work being done. Get a good look at the snazzy linear park at the bottom of the page. Act now to help stop them from completing the 'oark'.

"Yesterday, Mr. Henry said that this is not a trial. I would disagree. On trial here is PAT's seven-year history of deceit and mismanagement. On trial, is PAT's gangland style of selling "community improvements" on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. On trial here is PAT's indiscriminate and wanton misuse of funds, masquerading as "early action" and progress. On trial here is PAT's campaign to slander and impune the character of honest, dedicated people in the community who truly want to see effective rapid transit built. On trial here today is PAT's credibility, which began to dissipate when the Jaycees and others involved in simple questioning of more air polluting buses had their livelihoods threatened by "more informed" bosses. The real uniformed obstructionists are the present experienced Board members and majority County Commissioners who have delayed implementation of Colonel Swift's Early Action, and Parsons, Brinckerhoff's regional plan for a rapid rail system."
Testimony at PAT's April, 1968 Early Action Program Public Hearings, Volume II, pages 14-15