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Martin Luther King Light Rail & Bike Trail

Because our neighborhoods are on the line...

This appeared in The Woodland Area Progress Star. Please let your voice be heard.
Borough mulls busway accord
    Negotiations continue between Edgewood and Port Authority on a cooperation agreement for the transit agency's busway extension project.
    The pact would give Port Authority needed borough permits and provide infrastructure benefits to Edgewood. But some in the borough, who long have favored light-rail service, don't want Edgewood to compromise with Port Authority over the busway, even if potentially costly litigation results.
    What stance should Edgewood take toward the busway agreement Port Authority is seeking?
 Tell us what you think. Responses can be sent by mail to 610 Beatty Road, Monroeville. PA 15146; by fax to 412-856-7954 or 412-373-0130; or by e-mail to


Rendering of the light rail and bike trail running from Edgewood to Swissvale.

It has been over thirty years since PAT first said a rail solution would be built in the eastern neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. The time to fulfill that promise is here.  We must act now to stop further entrenchment of the 'interim' busway.

Latest news

PAT has plans for a Park n Ride at the Edgewood Towne Centre, and some of the Edgewood government has known since valentine's day.

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Discrimination Suit Against PAT

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PAT Billboards

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Coverage of the ongoing debate by David Farmerie:

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For those that couldn't get a copy at the Edgewood meeting, here's a copy of the PAT Edgewood Agreement of Cooperation


The PA Main Line Trail would provide Pittsburgh with a 22 mile loop of trails all the way around the city. The opportunity to complete this loop is tied in with the conversion of the busway to light rail. We must work together to prevent this chance from slipping away.

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