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Martin Luther King Light Rail & Bike Trail

Edgewood is the only one of the communities along the proposed extension that has not succumbed and signed a cooperation agreement with PAT. We are working to encourage the community to continue to stand its ground.

The Edgewood Train Station

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PAT has plans for a Park n Ride at the Edgewood Towne Centre, and some of the Edgewood government has known since valentine's day.

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Discrimination Suit Against PAT

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The OTAK report's depiction of how lightrail could fit in the community:

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PAT's offered agreement and some of the citizens' responses.

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Edgewood Garden Club Letter

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Letters you could send yourself, just sign them.

Edgewood Borough Council
Edgewood's Borough Council is made up of seven elected members. Each member is elected for a term of four years. Elections for council are held in November of each odd year and the newly elected officials are sworn in the following January. Agendas and minutes are available on the web. The next meeting will be on May 6th.

Regis F. Griffin, President
523 Allenby Ave

Patricia Schaefer, Vice President and Chairperson of the General Government Committee
134 Gordon St
Edward Cook, President Pro Tem, and Chairperson of the Community Development and Community Services Committees
329 Locust St.
John Bilyak, Planning Commission Representative
313 Dewey St.

Mitchell Brourman, Chairman of the Public Works
1130 East End Ave

Mal Hellettt, Chairman of the Personnel Committee
313 W. Hutchinson Ave